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Haiti’s Frustration with International Aid

On October 25, 2022, Think Tank Haiti (TTH) – a joint collaboration between Université Quisqueya and the Inter-American Dialogue – hosted a webinar titled “Haiti’s Frustration with International Aid.” During the event, prominent Haiti scholar and sociologist, Michèle Oriol, discussed her recent paper “International Aid or Foreign Policy? Lessons Learned since 1990” and her findings.

Patrick Springer

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Peruvian President Pedro Castillo won congressional approval of his cabinet last week, but he is also facing a new impeachment attempt. // File Photo: Peruvian Government.

Will Impeachment Keep Looming Over Peru’s President?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on the instability of Peruvian President Pedro Castillo’s government.

Francisco Durand, Mercedes Aráoz, Julio Carrión, Jose E. Gonzales

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The Demons of Nicaraguan Politics: Between the ‘Caudillo’ Political Boss and Perfect Politician

Nicaragua’s political crisis is torn between violence and anger of defensive misrule, and division within the opposition. It is a political battle full of contempt, criticism, and even manipulating reality. These actions are not atypical of Nicaragua, and they represent a very deep belief of our political culture: the government can only be administered by the perfect politician and each of us judges with moral superiority who is or is not worthy to be considered perfect.

Manuel Orozco

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Encuesta de opinión pública en Nicaragua: Covid-19, Daniel Ortega y sanciones

Manuel Orozco, director del programa de Migración, Remesas y Desarrollo del Diálogo Interamericano, conversó con Carlos F. Chamorro para Esta Semana de Confidencial acerca de los hallazgos arrojados por la 5ta encuesta de opinión pública de Nicaragua 2020. Esta encuesta se aplicó a una muestra de 1116 nicaragüenses, propietarios de teléfono celular, y sus resultados tienen un nivel de confianza del 95 por ciento y un margen de error de ±3 por ciento.

Manuel Orozco, Carlos Fernando Chamorro

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Venezuela: Transition Interrupted?

On Thursday, April 25 the Inter-American Dialogue partnered with FIU’s Kimberly Green Latin America and Caribbean Center to host an event called “Transition Interrupted?” to discuss the Dialogue’s Venezuela Working Group’s most recent report that analyzes the potential for democratic change in Venezuela.

Leonie Rauls

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How Foresight Could Strengthen Governance in Latin America

The Dialogue’s long-term global trends program aims to increase Latin America’s exposure to the growing use of foresight and strategic thinking, in order to improve decision-making today. In cooperation with the Inter-American Development Bank, the Dialogue’s initiative provides governments, banks and corporations, universities, think tanks, and other institutions in Latin…

Sergio Bitar

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responding to the hemisphere's political challenges, oas

Responding to the Hemisphere’s Political Challenges

In this report, the Inter-American Dialogue’s Task Force on the Organization of American States reviewed the work of the OAS and set forth recommendations for how the organization can and should be used to engage the varied challenges confronting the hemisphere.

Peter Hakim, Fernando Cepeda

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