Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Will Latin America Turn Against China Over Human Rights?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ takes on Latin American and Caribbean countries’ perceptions of China amid rising global competition.

Rebecca Bill Chavez, Ricardo Barrios, Evan Ellis, Guo Jie

Latin America Advisor ˙

Can Venezuela’s Political Standoff End Peacefully?

In what ways could mediation play out and bring a peaceful end to the standoff? How likely is wide-scale bloodshed, civil war or international military intervention to occur in the weeks ahead?

Sergio Bitar, Abraham Lowenthal, Evan Ellis, Bartłomiej Znojek

Latin America Advisor ˙

Maduro // File Photo: Venezuelan Government.

What Will Result From Venezuela’s Drone Explosions?

Venezuela’s government has made several arrests in what they say was an attempt to assassinate Maduro. What does it all mean?

Evan Ellis, Eva Golinger, Gustavo Roosen, Steve Ellner

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