Rachel Schwartz

United States  |  Assistant Professor of Political Science, Otterbein University

Program Associate, Office of the President, Inter-American Dialogue


Rachel A. Schwartz is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Otterbein University. Her research focuses on the legacies of civil war, statebuilding, and human rights in Central America. She was previously a program associate in the Office of the President at the Inter-American Dialogue, where she coordinated programs on security and migration in Central America and Congressional outreach.

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Floods El Salvador

The Biden Administration has pledged significant aid to Central America. But where should it go and how should it get there?

Given its commitment to reviving multilateralism and bringing together diverse stakeholders, the Biden administration is well-positioned to use these instruments to implement its more holistic regional agenda. After decades of privileging police and military assistance and waiting for government uptake of institutional strengthening efforts, it is time to look beyond Central American states and reinvest in civil society-based anti-corruption coalitions that can be the engines of political and economic change.

˙Rachel Schwartz