Mateo Samper

Colombia  |  Former Non-Resident Senior Fellow,

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Mateo Samper was a non-resident senior fellow with the Education Program at the Inter-American Dialogue. He is a management specialist in education with a focus on the digital transformation of the sector, and innovation to improve learning outcomes and equity. He is also an independent consultant with clients such as Omidyar Network and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Previously, Mateo led Teach For All’s growth in the Americas by supporting social entrepreneurs working on leadership development and innovation in education, and by building partnerships to sustain and increase the impact of the organization.

Mateo was the recipient of New York University’s Henry MacCracken fellowship to complete his master’s degree in the Latin American Studies Department on Public Policy and Economic Development. He has a Law Degree (JD equivalent) from the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia.

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The Transformation of Learning with the Use of Educational Technology

What should we do to prepare the coming generations? What skills do people need to develop in order to actively participate in society and compete in the labor market? How should education be transformed, and why is technology—when used correctly—the key to this process? This blog seeks to answer these questions in a practical way, emphasizing the importance of adopting technology to transform learning.

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The Need to Build an Ecosystem for EdTech in Latin America

Leer en español     The use of technology in education has the potential to improve the teaching and learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. All over the world we are increasingly seeing successful technology-driven innovations. Whether reaching children and young people that have been traditionally excluded from…

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