Maria Velez de Berliner

United States |  Managing Director, RTG-Red Team Group


Maria Velez de Berliner is managing director of RTG-Red Team Group, formerly Latin Intelligence Corporation, where she consults on potential disruptions and risks for companies and corporations entering into foreign markets. Prior to this, she was the Latin America manager for the Industrial Scientific Corporation. She is a recognized expert on risks and threats to the interests of the the US government and private sector in Latin America’s operational environment.

Velez de Berliner is a professor in The George Washington University’s Homeland Security Program and an instructor for US Southern Command, as well as a board member for the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

The recipient of an honorary Doctor of Law degree from Lake Forest College, she additionally holds an MA in Intelligence, Security and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh and a BA in International Relations from Lake Forest College.

Velez de Berliner is a frequent commentator for the Latin America Advisor.

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