Claudia López

Colombia |  Mayor, Bogotá, D.C.

+1-202-822-9002 ˙ ˙

Claudia López is the mayor of Bogotá, previously serving as a senator for the Republic of Colombia from 2014 to 2019. Her dedication to strengthening human rights and the rule of law makes her one of the most well-known contributors to democratic development in Colombia.

A former researcher for New Rainbow Corporation and Civil Society Electoral Mission, she exposed the infiltration of paramilitary death squads at some of the highest levels of Colombia’s political system. Her research on the infiltration of paramilitary groups in the Colombian Congress triggered a national scandal known as “parapolitics” which led to the legal investigation of more than a third of all members of Congress. Claudia subsequently helped found the Electoral Observatory Mission, a coalition of NGOs and journalists that monitors political processes in Colombia, and worked for the New Rainbow Corporation as an analyst of illegal groups and armed conflict.

López joined the Dialogue as a Member in 2020.

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Photo of Lopez and other mayors at a Metropolis convocation

Member in the News: Claudia López

Claudia López, mayor of Bogotá, was selected as the next president of Metropolis, an organization focused on connecting leaders from metropolitan areas from around the world in order to share knowledge and collaborate on common problems.

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