Antonio Garrastazu

United States |  Senior Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, International Republican Institute (IRI)


Antonio “Tony” Garrastazu, with over two decades of international experience, is the senior director for Latin America and the Caribbean at the International Republican Institute (IRI), providing strategic leadership and management to the division. Previously, he directed the Center for Global Impact at IRI, focusing on democratic development programs and global initiatives. Tony has also held roles as Country Director overseeing programs in Central America, Haiti, and Mexico, emphasizing anti-corruption, security, and governance.

Before his tenure at IRI, he managed public-private partnerships at Globalvia Infrastructures and directed the Spain-United States Chamber of Commerce. Tony has also served in governmental roles, including deputy director for international affairs at the Florida Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from the University of Florida, and a master’s and PhD in international studies from the University of Miami. He has published extensively on trade politics, including his dissertation on US free trade agreements with Jordan, Singapore, and Chile.

Garrastazu was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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