Ángela Constanza Jerez Trujillo

Colombia |  Founding Partner and Manager, Responsabilidad Social de Jerez & Sandoval-Medios y Responsabilidad Social (J&S)

National Coordinator for NiñezYA


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Jerez Trujillo is currently a founding partner and manager of Social Responsibility of Jerez & Sandoval-Medios y Responsabilidad Social (J&S), an organization that has been part of NiñezYA since its creation in 2017. She is also the national coordinator for NiñezYA. NiñezYA is the coalition of more than 100 civil society organizations and networks that advocate for the inclusion of children’s rights in government programs of popularly elected candidates and development plans.

With a Master’s in interdisciplinary studies on development of Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia, Jerez Trujillo is a specialist in social responsibility and development organizations from the same university and a journalist from the Universidad de la Sabana.

Jerez Trujillo was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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