US-Mexico Relations in Flux


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In the first six months of the Trump administration, relations between the United States and Mexico have followed a complex and at times unpredictable path. Many of the worst fears—a swift end to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), radical changes to migration policies, and deteriorating cross-border cooperation—have not come to pass, but ties between the two countries remain unsettled and uncertain. While the Mexican government has sought to maintain a constructive relationship with Washington, the vast majority of Mexicans harbor a deep distrust of President Trump. The coming period will be especially critical: negotiations to revise NAFTA will begin next month, key decisions on a proposed border wall are expected soon, and the Mexican general elections scheduled for next July loom over the relationship. 

For this open discussion of the state of US-Mexico relations, the Dialogue is pleased to welcome Andrés Rozental, who served as deputy foreign minister and ambassador to the United Kingdom. One of Mexico’s most respected and best-informed analysts, he was the founding president of the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations and has been a member of the Inter-American Dialogue since 2002.

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Andrés Rozental

President, Rozental & Asociados (@Mexconsult)


Peter Hakim

President Emeritus and Senior Fellow, Inter-American Dialogue