ONLINE EVENT: Offshore Wind Energy in LAC – Gauging Speed and Direction


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Offshore wind holds abundant potential in many areas of Latin America, and several countries in the region are exploring this largely untapped energy source. Brazil and Colombia have already launched government roadmaps to regulate and attract investment, and Costa Rica is carrying out studies to identify the technical and environmental viability of offshore windfarms. Meanwhile, companies in multiple countries are announcing ambitious investments to develop such projects. This event will explore the potential of offshore wind in the region, the regulatory, technical, and financial conditions needed to capitalize on it, and the government and private sector plans that are already starting to do so. For more information and a list of speakers, see the agenda below. 

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Opening Remarks & Moderator

Daniela Stevens

Program Director, Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries, Inter-American Dialogue (@EnergyCC_IAD)


Thiago Barral

President, Empresa de Pesquisa Energética

Ramón Fiestas

Chair, Latin America Committee, Global Wind Energy Council

Mark Leybourne

Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank

Leila Garcia da Fonseca

Senior Research Manager, Power & Renewables, Wood Mackenzie (@WM_PowerRenew)

Watch the event recording here:

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