Ramón Fiestas

Chair, Latin America Committee, Global Wind Energy Council


Ramón Fiestas Hummler is chair of the Latin America Committee of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). Fiestas is a lawyer by trade, providing consultancy over the last 20 years in renewable energy matters. With over 35 years of experience in energy and environmental policy, he is strongly involved in renewable energy matters, especially in legislation, regulation, business, and financing affairs, and he has taught energy regulation courses at the Instituto de Empresa and the Club Español de la Energía in Madrid, Spain.

Fiestas currently serves as chair of the Latin America Committee of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), which he originally joined as a founding member representing the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE). In his current roll, Fiestas advocates for wind power in Latin America and the Caribbean, and he engages the private sector to set policies and regulatory frameworks for project development and for investments in wind energy as a mainstream source of electricity supply in the region. Throughout his career, he has helped establish markets for wind power in Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, and Chile, and more recently in Argentina and Colombia as president of GWEC Latin America. Nowadays, Fiestas is engaged in the deployment of market readiness and policy frameworks for offshore wind energy projects in the region.

Before joining GWEC, Fiestas served as secretary general at AEE, where he contributed to build up the policies and the regulatory framework for the deployment of renewable energies in Spain, as well as to the EU renewable energy directives. Prior to this, he spent over 18 years as a lawyer and barrister at court leading the Legal Advisory Department at Hidroeléctrica del Cantábrico, S.A., one of the former largest Spanish-based utilities (before merging with EDP Renewables).

Fiestas holds a dual degree in law and business administration by the University of Comillas in Madrid, Spain, and pursued a master course in foreign trade and international contracts at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid.

Fiestas was a speaker at a Dialogue event.

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