Migrant and Refugee Children in the Americas – Side Event

Photo of event invitation


How do I register for this event 

There is no registration. A streaming video will go live on our YouTube channel when the event begins.

Is the side event free 

Yes, participation is free and open to the public.  

What time zone is the side event in 

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) – Washington, DC. 

I’m a member of the press. How can I participate 

Welcome! We encourage members of the press to send their inquiries to education@thedialogue.org.

Can I access the conference live stream on my mobile device or tablet? 

Yes. The side event will be streamed on YouTube and is fully compatible with both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Where can I watch the sessions on YouTube?  

The conference will be streamed on the Dialogue’s social media pages (YouTubeTwitterFacebook).
The event can also be followed on Twitter at #NiñezMigrante, @PrealEd, @The_Dialogue, and @OAS_Official. 

Who do I contact for other questions? 

For other questions or concerns, please email education@thedialogue.org.