ONLINE EVENT: Haiti and Covid-19 – Analysis and Solutions


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Haiti entered 2020 facing a series of crises that challenged governance at all levels–political gridlock, a sharply deteriorating economy, growing insecurity, and an uncertain international climate. With the arrival of Covid-19, Haiti’s already difficult outlook has grown far worse. By the end of July Haiti had reported more than 7,000 cases of coronavirus. Meager infrastructure, inadequate medical facilities, and densely crowded living conditions have left a potentially catastrophic burden on Haiti’s economy and health services. 

  • What has Haiti done right – and wrong – in its early efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • How can Haiti’s political system be strengthened to meet its governance challenges, which now include overdue elections?
  • What is the path forward for Haiti’s economy, including its manufacturing sector?
  • What can be done to address longstanding social and economic inequities in Haiti?
  • What are the prospects for timely policy responses by the Haitian government, its civil society and private sector, and the US and other international partners?

The Dialogue welcomes an expert panel that will explore these questions around the discussion of a newly launched book, “Haiti and Covid-19: Analysis and Solutions,” published by Quisqueya University.

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Opening Remarks:

Michael Shifter

President, Inter-American Dialogue (@MichaelShifter)

Jacky Lumarque

Rector, Université de Quisqueya (@JackyLumarque)


Fritz Jean

President, Institut Haïtien d’Observatoire de Politiques Publiques (@FritzJeanINHOPP)

Georges Sassine

Board Member, Association of Industries of Haiti 

Mirlande Manigat

Professor, Université de Quisqueya 

Georges Fauriol

Senior Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies 


Daniel P. Erikson

Senior Fellow, Penn Biden Center (@danperikson)



This event is hosted in partnership with Quisqueya University. This will be the first of several events convened jointly by the Dialogue and Quisqueya, as part of their cooperative initiative, “Think Tank Haiti.”

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