Fighting Corruption and Improving Business Climates in Latin America


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Recent years have brought unprecedented levels of attention to corruption in Latin America and the Caribbean. Ongoing scandals have had enormous political and economic consequences, and the fallout appears to be far from over. In this new context, international cooperation and private sector actors have proved important in investigating crimes and creating conditions for fairer and more transparent governance and business environments. 

Still, international efforts against corruption in the region remain a work in progress. What is changing and what is not happening with the fight against corruption? Has the private sector responded well in the wake of recent developments? How are enforcement policies in the US government evolving and likely to change in the period ahead, and how are businesses engaging in this policy discussion? Have massive investigations into the scandals changed the way enterprises view corporate governance and transparency? What more can businesses—based in the US and elsewhere—do to reduce corruption and create a more competitive international business climate? 

The Dialogue is delighted to host this open discussion on the future of anti-corruption efforts and the role of the private sector. 

For more, see the Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program’s recent report on anti-corruption movements in Latin America: Beyond the Scandals: The Changing Context of Corruption in Latin America.


Please note that this event will be held under the Chatham House Rule. A light lunch will be served.



Darryl Wegner

Chief of the International Corruption Unit, FBI 

Michael Shifter

President, Inter-American Dialogue

Michael Hartman

Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, AT&T


Gene M. Smith

President, Smith Brandon


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