12th Sol M. Linowitz Forum



Sol M. Linowitz was a distinguished lawyer, buisnessman, and diplomat. A man of extraordinary achievement, Ambassador Linowitz served as a counselor to various presidents, congressmen and women, and world leaders. Amongst his many notable accomplishments was the negotiation of the Panama Canal treaties during the administration of President Jimmy Carter. In 1998, Ambassador Linowitz was awarded the Presdiential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton, who said, in a speech, ”If every world leader had half the vision Sol Linowitz does, we would have about a tenth as many problems as we’ve got in this whole world today.” Ambassador Linowitz confounded Xerox Corporation, serving as its chairman for several years. From 1966 to 1969, he was appointed as the United States’ representative to the Organization of American States and and, later, in 1979, as the United States’ special ambassador to the Middle East. Ambassador Linowitz served on the Board of Trustees of his alma matter, Cornell University, and as president of the National Urban League. He authored two books, “The Making of a Public Man: A Memoir” and “The Betrayed Profession.” Ambassador Linowitz passed away on March 18, 2005 at his home in Washington, DC. The Dialogue inagurated the Sol M. Linowitz Forum in 1996 to recognize and commemorate his exceptional career in service to democracy and cooperation among the nations of the Americas.