Zika and the Right to Abortion

In Brazil, the possibility of pregnant women with Zika having access to abortion has not entered the public debate.

Jacqueline Pitanguy

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Rousseff Should Leave US with a Trade Deal

President Rousseff is arriving in Washington on Monday to meet the US president. Nothing particularly important will happen.

Moisés Naím

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Nationalization & Its Discontents: Low Oil Prices & Latin America

As global oil prices collapsed over the last two years, regional governments have started to lose their leverage in the energy industry. To attract international investors, they must offer increasingly favorable terms, which means ceding more of their own control.

Lisa Viscidi

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A Big Step for Reform

Everyone recognized that the immigration system was a mess and needed to be fixed, but the politics were too polarized and complicated for any serious progress to be made.

Michael Shifter

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Cuba and the US

American and Cuban leaders today are trying to bring a relationship once defined by antithetical ideologies into the 21st century.

Michael Shifter, Ben Raderstorf

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Transforming US-Latin American Relations

Latin America, inter-American affairs, and the region’s global relations have changed dramatically since the end of the Cold War.

Michael Shifter

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Growing Pains: Urbanization & Governance in Peru

Peru’s growing urban middle class is one of the country’s greatest assets, but it also brings political and governance challenges.

Ben Raderstorf, Bruno Binetti

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Cuba & US: Long Road Ahead

Cuba and the US still have a long way to go as they continue to build their relationship.

Michael Shifter

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Latin America: Democracy Threatened

The validity and legitimacy of democracy in Latin America is now a hot topic, agitated by factors such as the coup in Honduras or populist who asserted in electoral majorities try to run freedoms.

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Open for Business: Building the New Cuban Economy

Richard E. Feinberg offers a scrupulously researched and judicious analysis of the economic changes that have unfolded since 2008, when Raúl Castro replaced his brother Fidel as president and initiated a reform process.

Michael Shifter, Richard E. Feinberg

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Venezuela’s Meltdown Continues

Venezuela faces an economic and humanitarian disaster, and the situation is only getting worse

Michael Shifter

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