Central American Economies in 2015

One of the greatest challenges that the Central American region faces is ensuring that economic development is sustainable and equitable.

Manuel Orozco, Julia Yansura

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What to do with the PISA Results in Latin America?

During the last decade, Latin American countries have strongly increased their participation in international assessments, especially in the Programa Internacional para la Evaluacion de Estudiantes (PISA-International Program for Student Assessment) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and to a lesser extent in the TIMSS2 and the International…

Pedro Ravela

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Post-Secondary Technical and Vocational Education

Post-secondary technical vocational education is primarily directed towards youth that have recently finished high school, preparing them directly for the labor market.

Ashley Manning

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Effective Classrooms

This article describes the classroom requirements for an effective education reform. It is only available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Robert E. Slavin

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Internet-Based Transfers: Current Landscape

Internet-based products have grown substantially in recent years, and constitute an important source of innovation for the remittance industry. Although these products present important opportunities for businesses and consumers, the low rate of penetration merits further discussion and analysis. The article concludes that perhaps the issue is still more structural, that the ecosystem of payment services is performing unevenly, partly due to poor financial access among clients and merchants.

Manuel Orozco, Laura Porras

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Maestros de escuelas básicas en América Latina

Este libro recoge un conjunto de estudios preparados en el marco de las actividades del Grupo de Trabajo sobre Desarrollo Profesional Docente del Programa de Promoción de la Reforma Educativa en América Latina y el Caribe (PREAL). En su conjunto, dan cuenta de las características personales y profesionales de los maestros…

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The Remittance Marketplace in Europe: Competition and Pricing

This text analyzes the remittance marketplace in Europe based on selected indicators that measure: number of remittance service providers (RSPs), number of countries they serve, the diversity in type of RSP, the cost of sending money, the number of payout locations, type of paying partners, their presence or penetration in rural areas, and consumer satisfaction.

Manuel Orozco

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Remittances Scorecard: 2016

In its fourth edition, the Remittances Scorecard ranks 30 companies working in 11 Latin American and Caribbean countries. It evaluates them across 12 indicators to assess their performance and competition in the money transfer industry.

Manuel Orozco, Laura Porras, Julia Yansura

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How Much Are Latin American Children Learning?

In recent years, debates on education policy have been shifting their focus from educational quantity—getting more children in school and ensuring they stay longer—to educational quality—the learning that children acquire while at school.This change is welcome. Evidence suggests that low-quality schooling confers few benefits, and that quality education (as measured…

Alejandro Ganimian

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