Democracy in the Digital Age

A report on freedom of expression in the Americas and Europe’s ‘right to be forgotten’. 

Catalina Botero, Michael Camilleri, Carlos Cortés

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The Deterioration of Bilateral Relations with Cuba

Ultimately it is the Cuban government itself that will determine whether Cubans’ hopes and ambitions are met. The current deterioration in diplomatic relations is likely to strengthen those in both the United States and Cuba who favor the familiar comfort of a static Cold War antagonism over the rising expectations generated by a new US-Cuba dynamic.

Michael Camilleri

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Why Is Venezuela Included in Trump’s Travel Ban?

President Trump’s sanctions strategy against Venezuela remains committed but ineffectual, and banning a smallish band of regime loyalists from traveling to the United States will do little to change that.

Michael Camilleri, Ben Raderstorf

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Beneath the Violence: How Insecurity Shapes Daily Life and Emigration in Central America

New research from the Inter-American Dialogue and the Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) shows how crime avoidance influences everyday behaviors and has significant consequences for education, economic opportunity, development, and the rule of law—and help explain why intentions to migrate have risen sharply in every Central American country.

Ben Raderstorf, Michael Camilleri, Carole J. Wilson, Elizabeth J. Zechmeister

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Can Anyone Save Venezuela?

An economic and humanitarian crisis, precipitated by the Maduro regime, has brought Venezuela to the brink of collapse.

Michael Camilleri, Juan Gonzalez, Ben Pauker

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El rol de Estados Unidos y la comunidad internacional en Venezuela

En este panel de expertos de ‘Choque de Opiniones’ para CNN, Michael Camilleri debate el impacto de las sanciones sobre Venezuela, el rol de Estados Unidos y la comunidad internacional, y la legitimidad democrática del voto sobre la asamblea constituyente del 30 de julio. 

Michael Camilleri

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The United States Can’t Go It Alone in Venezuela

The Trump administration’s desire for meaningful action towards Venezuela is understandable, but it risks learning the wrong lessons from recent failures.

Michael Camilleri, David McKean

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Defeat at the OAS Meeting & US Influence in the Americas

Defeat at the OAS meeting was the first concrete setback for US interests as a result of the Trump Administration’s apparent ambivalence about defending democratic values.

Michael Camilleri

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The Inter-American Human Rights System in the Trump Era

The relationship between the United States and the IACHR is historically complex, and the Trump Administration may be tempted to pull back—but engagement is still the best way to serve US strategic interests.

Michael Camilleri, Danielle Edmonds

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¿Se volverán a ‘narcotizar’ las relaciones entre Colombia y EEUU?

Michael Camilleri, director del Programa de Estado de Derecho del Diálogo Interamericano, participó en el programa de “Semana en Vivo” el 17 de Mayo sobre las relaciones EEUU-Colombia, la política de drogas y la cooperación en el tema de seguridad entre los dos países

Michael Camilleri

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