Dilma’s Washington Visit

Her visit to Washington approaching, Dilma Rousseff finds herself confronted by diverse challenges.

Ben Raderstorf

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What Chinese Finance Means for Latin America

Despite slowing economic growth in China, the country’s banks remain a primary source of finance for certain Latin American nations.

Margaret Myers

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Latin America’s Crude Oil Markets

Crude oil exports from Latin America to the US have plummeted as oil production in the region has slumped while demand is on the rise.

Rebecca O’Connor

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Perspective from Cuba

The removal of Cuba from the list of states sponsoring terrorism has opened the way for the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Bruno Binetti

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Peru’s Outlook Under PPK

A day prior to PPK’s swearing-in as Peru’s president, the Inter-American Dialogue held an event to discuss the political and economic outlook for the country under Kuczynski’s government. Marcello Estevão, mission chief for Peru at the IMF, and Luis Oganes, Global Head of Emerging Markets Research at JP Morgan Chase,…

David Alzate

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Bárcena and Shifter Video

A Conversation with Alicia Bárcena

ECLAC’s Executive Secretary and Dialogue Board Member Alicia Bárcena gave an overview of the challenges facing the region.

Murat Dagli

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