North Capital Forum 2023: The Trilateral Relationship

Photo of Rebecca Bill Chavez at the North Capital Forum The North Capital Forum 2023

Rebecca Bill Chavez, President & CEO of the Inter-American Dialogue, participated in the North Capital Forum in Mexico City from October 4th to 6th, 2023. Chavez moderated the panel discussion "What's Going On: Ambassadors Reflect on the Status of the Trilateral Relationship" which focused on the current relationship between Mexico, the United States, and Canada, and the key areas of collaboration including economic development, migration, security, and soft power to enhance regional integration. 


"Irregular migration continues to be one of the major issues in North America and throughout the Hemisphere, the composition of migrant flows is changing constantly. In the US we are hearing the politicization of this issue, and it will get worse. With the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection, Canada, US, and Mexico were among the countries that committed to create the conditions for safe, orderly migration and to strengthen frameworks for international protection and cooperation."

"When we look at the entire region, democratic backsliding is a major concern. Many people across the Americas are losing faith in democracy as the best form of governance. When we look at the North America way, there is also concern of our democratic institutions."  




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