Member in the News: Earl Jarrett

Earl Jarrett Inter-American Dialogue

Earl Jarrett, chief executive officer of the Jamaica National Group, has been selected as chairman of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ), effective March 1.

The ECJ’s mission is to “conduct national elections so that no advantage is given to any party or individual contesting the polls, ensuring that the objective of one man one vote is met under the six stated principles of universal adult suffrage.” In addition to overseeing the general elections, the commission is responsible for “compiling and maintaining the register of eligible electors; verifying the identity of every eligible elector; approving political parties eligible to receive state funding; and administering electoral funding and financial disclosure requirements.”

It is comprised of four selected commissioners, four nominated commissioners and the director of elections. Two of the nominated commissioners are appointed on the advice of the prime minister and two on the advice of the leader of the Opposition. Jarrett was elected from among the four selected commissioners of the ECJ.


Earl Jarrett is a member of the Inter-American Dialogue. He serves on the Dialogue’s Board of Directors.



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