China’s Strategy in Brazil & the Southern Cone

What does China stand to gain from investing in Latin America’s energy projects? Where is China looking next in the region?

Lisa Viscidi, Margaret Myers, Chris Noon

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Natural Gas Market Outlook

Given their close proximity to the United States, LAC countries are well-positioned to capitalize on the surplus of US gas exports and current buyer’s market.

Lisa Viscidi, Carlos Sucre, Sean Karst

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Energy in Argentina: A New Investment Climate

The election of President Mauricio Macri may signal the start of a new era in Argentine energy policy and cooperation with the United States, but the new government still faces challenges to increasing oil and gas production and erasing energy subsidies.

Rebecca O’Connor, Tamara Lorenzo

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Shale Development & the Environment: Policy Lessons for Latin America

As Latin American countries reassess their energy policies in light of lower oil prices, there is an opportunity to apply lessons learned from the US experience to enact regulations that mitigate environmental risks, strengthen public support, and attract investment.

Jed Bailey, Lisa Viscidi

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Prospects for a Post-Kirchner Argentina

The next administration’s agenda will be set with political and economic challenges that will test the endurance of Argentina’s democracy.

Felipe Franco Gutierrez

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Nationalization & Its Discontents: Low Oil Prices & Latin America

As global oil prices collapsed over the last two years, regional governments have started to lose their leverage in the energy industry. To attract international investors, they must offer increasingly favorable terms, which means ceding more of their own control.

Lisa Viscidi

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What Does Latin America’s Shift to the Right Mean for the Energy Sector?

At a breakfast meeting with members of the Inter-American Dialogue’s Energy and Resources Committee, Michael Reid, The Economist’s senior Latin America editor and author of the “Bello” column, discussed why he thinks the region is shifting to the right.

Lisa Viscidi

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Transformación educativa en Argentina: De cara a la sociedad del conocimiento

En los años ’80, el sistema educativo argentino mostraba un alto nivel de deterioro de su tradicional calidad, a lo que se sumaban los viejos problemas no resueltos: segmentación del servicio en términos de calidad según la situación socioeconómica o ubicación geográfica de la población; déficit de escolarización en el…

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Invest in Better Education

Since December 2005, Argentina implemented an Education Financing Law, a tool that modified the structure of financing education and introduced significant changes in political and financial relations between national and subnational governments. Its main objective is to increase investment in education, science, and technology to reach a GDP of 6%…

Alejandro Vera, Rocio Bilbao

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