Constitutional Reform in Latin America: What is the Record?

The strength of Latin American democracies is eroding. Does meddling with a country’s constitution further erode democracy? Or does this erosion precede reform? If so, should the changes be considered a reason for hope?

Daphne Morrison

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Combating Corruption in Mexico: Challenges and Opportunities

On May 30, the Inter-American Dialogue, in conjunction with the Washington Office of Latin America and the Due Process of Law Foundation, hosted an event titled “Combating Corruption in Mexico: Challenges and Opportunities”. This discussion, moderated by Maureen Meyer and Katya Salazar, featured panelists Mariclaire Acosta from Mexico’s National Anticorruption System, Alejandro Rios from COPARMEX, and Daniel Lizárraga from Mexicanos Contra la Corrupción y la Impunidad.

Tamar Ziff

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Last week, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel marked 100 days in office. // File Photo: Cuban government.

Will Cuba’s New Constitution Bring Major Changes?

Cuba’s draft constitution recognizes private property and creates a prime minister position. But would it bring true change?

Vicki Huddleston, Peter Hakim, Ted Piccone, Paul Webster Hare, William M. LeoGrande

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A photo of empty streets in Santiago, Chile. // Photo: Municipality of Santiago.

Has Covid Halted Momentum for Change in Chile?

Has the coronavirus pandemic interrupted protesters’ momentum and hopes for social change in Chile?

Patricio D. Navia, María Cristina Escudero, Claudia Heiss, Guillermo Holzmann

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Moderator: Michael Camilleri (Top left)/ Speakers: Sergio Bitar, Catalina Botero, Carlos Ayala, and Alexandra Huneeus (Top left to right then bottom)/ Image of Chilean protests and flag Video

The Context of the Constitutional Reform in Chile: The Comparative International Experience

On October 5, 2020, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted “The Context of the Constitutional Reform in Chile: The Comparative International Experience,” part of a series of events related to the process of constitutional reform in Chile. Panelists discussed a set of comparative examples from which Chile can draw lessons from as well as considerations that Chile must make as they undergo the process of constitutional reform.

Azul Hidalgo Solá

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Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele

What’s Behind El Salvador’s Reform of the Constitution?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on El Salvador’s proposed constitutional reforms and what they mean for the country.

Beatrice Rangel, Ricardo Cevallos, Celia Medrano, Tim Muth, Ricardo Valencia

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