What’s Driving New Changes in Brazil-China Trade Ties?

How has the trade dynamic between Brazil and China changed in recent years, and will trade flows increase significantly in the near future? What implications would stronger trade ties between the countries have for their other trading partners?

Margaret Myers, Ricardo Barrios, Andre Soares, Pepe Zhang, Haibin Niu

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Latin American-Gulf Economic Ties Are Still Largely Aspirational

Attempts to deepen ties between Latin American and Gulf countries have long run into geographic, political and cultural obstacles. In an interview, Michael Shifter discusses the slow process of trying to bring the two regions closer together.

Michael Shifter, Editors of WPR

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The Future of Oil & Gas Exploration & Production in Colombia

The collapse in global oil prices has led to a steep decline in investment in Colombia’s hydrocarbons sector and reduced the value of its oil exports, depleting a key source of government revenue.

Lisa Viscidi, Rebecca O’Connor

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