Venezuela’s Political Outlook

Chávez’s sickness has exposed him as vulnerable. People are beginning to realize that he is not eternal, that his mandate is limited.

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Don’t “Chavez-ize” Foreign Policy

Nada le convendría más a Chávez que, en el momento en que la atención internacional está puesta en Piñera, tener con él una confrontación en su estilo que no reconoce maneras.

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Venezuela’s Oil Sector: On the Brink of Collapse?

Venezuela’s oil industry has been in decline for years due to mismanagement and lack of investment. But this year, the industry’s problems seem to have multiplied as a result of the sharp decline in global oil prices.

Rebecca O’Connor

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Tal como va, el diálogo en Venezuela no llegará a nada

A pesar de que todos los países de América Latina se han comprometido formalmente a adoptar medidas colectivas para corregir los quebrantamientos de la democracia, se ignoraron las crecientes violaciones de los derechos humanos y el orden democrático en Venezuela.

Peter Hakim

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So Long, Chávez

Two decades ago, the US and Latin America seemed poised to forge new political and economic partnerships. Since Chávez, the sense of community has dissipated.

Michael Shifter

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Hugo Stay Home

Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, has clearly been enticed by the Libyan drama, where his longtime friend and ally, Muammar al-Qaddafi, is under siege from rebel forces.

Michael Shifter

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Chavez, No Longer Such a Strongman

Chavez’s illness and physical limitations will inevitably compound his already serious political problems in Venezuela.

Michael Shifter

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What Would Happen if Chávez Couldn’t Finish His Term?

Is there a real risk that the political and social situation in Venezuela could turn chaotic as a result of Chávez’s illness?

Michael Shifter, Jesus Ugalde, Maria Eugenia Venegas, Yolanda Rojas at the CCAD-GTD and CECC/SICA event in San Jose Costa Rica., Julia Buxton

What to Read on Venezuela

Chávez has aroused considerable curiosity. Beside Cuba’s Fidel Castro, no other Latin American leader has elicited as many journalistic accounts or serious analytic and conceptual contributions.

Michael Shifter

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Obama & Latin America: New Beginnings, Old Frictions

Today, signs of frustration are unmistakable in Washington and in many Latin American capitals, despite Obama’s immense personal appeal and the continued promise of a more productive partnership.

Michael Shifter

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Is Chávez Running Scared?

Even with loaded dice, Chávez may be running scared. What to do to preserve power? That’s all that has ever mattered.

Marifeli Pérez-Stable

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