Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the IDB, and Roberto Murray Meza, President of Grupo AGRISAL and FUNDEMAS, to receive the Dialogue’s Leadership for the Americas Award

WASHINGTON, DC – The Inter-American Dialogue will honor Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Roberto Murray Meza, President of Grupo AGRISAL and FUNDEMAS, at its  Leadership for the Americas Awards Gala dinner on November 13, 2017.  Over 400 US and foreign dignitaries are expected to attend the event, to be held at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington DC.

The Leadership for the Americas Awards honor individuals who have dedicated their life-long service to the Dialogue’s core mission – advancing democratic governance, social equity, and prosperity in our hemisphere.

President Moreno will be recognized with the Distinguished Leadership Award for Social Equity for his outstanding leadership as President of the IDB. During his tenure, the IDB has been transformed into an institution that is closer to its member countries, while expanding its financing and technical assistance capacity.  The Bank today is recognized as providing cutting-edge research and sector expertise for Latin American and Caribbean countries.  More recently, Moreno led the consolidation and capitalization of the IDB’s private sector windows into the Inter-American Investment Corporation.  Under his leadership, the organization has undergone profound changes with a record increase of women in leadership positions along with a reinforcement of transparency and accountability systems.

Murray Meza will be recognized with the Distinguished Leadership Award for Civic Engagement for his efforts to promote corporate social responsibility in Central America. As President of FUNDEMAS (Fundación Empresarial para la Acción Social) he has fostered corporate social responsibility and responsible competitiveness in Central America by integrating commercial, ethical and environmental values into the private sector.  In addition, through his work as President of FEDISAL (Fundación para la Educación Integral Salvadoreña), and the Fundación Rafael Meza Ayau, Murray Meza has promoted social equity in El Salvador through their education and health programs.  In a country ravaged by a civil war and facing an uncertain future today, Murray Meza has stood for unity and ethical leadership as the path forward.

The Leadership for the Americas Awards Gala recognizes the tireless and steadfast public service of global leaders who have made their mark on the hemisphere’s well-being.  Last year the Dialogue recognized Nobel laureate Juan Manuel Santos, the President of Colombia, and other visionaries, for their leadership.

More than 400 distinguished guests from the policy, diplomatic, and corporate communities will attend the gala dinner. Additional honorees and program participants are to be confirmed. For inquiries, contact or +1-202-204-5550.

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