Zoë Reiter

United States  |  Acting Representative to US / Senior Project Leader , Transparency International

Since 2008, Zoë has worked at Transparency International. Currently, she wears two hats: Acting Representative to the US and Senior Project Leader on major international anticorruption initiatives. Her work in the US involves working with diverse actors working to tackle corruption in the US. She also works with TI partners and Chapters across the globe to ensure strong public accountability in the delivery of critical basic services and infrastructure. This includes, for example, serving as strategic advisor to the Clean Contracting initiative, which brings together the widest-possible coalition of government, private sector, civil society and citizens to monitor 17 major public contracts funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds in 11 EU countries. On the CRIMJUST project, with Interpol and UNODC, she leads work with Latin American and African chapters to make criminal justice systems more accountable to the people they are meant to serve.

Prior to this, Zoë oversaw TI’s regional programming and special initiatives with its 19 national chapters in the Americas focusing on a spectrum of issues including citizen security, economic equality and open governance.

Zoë is from the Lower East Side of New York and is educated in cultural anthropology, urban planning, and literature.

Reiter was an event speaker at the Dialogue. 

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