Yifang Wang

China |  Program Associate, Asia & Latin America, Inter-American Dialogue

˙ ywang@thedialogue.org ˙

Yifang Wang joined the Inter-American Dialogue in January 2024 as a program associate for the Asia & Latin America Program. Wang previously served as a research assistant at the Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development in Italy, and at the Charhar Institute and Intellisia Institute in China. He also interned at the ASEAN-China Centre in Beijing.

Wang graduated from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies with a MA in International Relations. He holds a BA from Macau University of Science and Technology in Portuguese Language and Literature. His area of interest includes political economy, political ideology, foreign policy, and social movements in Asia and Latin America.

Wang is fluent in English, Mandarin, Portuguese, and has working proficiency in German and Spanish.

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