Talía Cabrera

Ecuador |  Vice Prefect, Morona Santiago, Ecuador


Talía Cabrera is vice prefect of Morona Santiago, Ecuador. She is a farmer, an Amazonian woman, and an optimistic Ecuadorian politician who is part of the new generation that emerged from the community. As vice prefect of Morona Santiago, she has directed her work in social issues, defense of the environment, and empowering women, especially from vulnerable backgrounds, in fighting for their rights, training them, promoting their ventures, and separating them from cycles of violence, thus seeking paths of equality and opportunities. Cabrera is CEO and promoter of the I and II World Summits of Amazonian Women, as well as the president of the Fundación Mujer Valiente – Nua Kakaram. She is also president of CEFAS (Coordinación de Equidad Formación y Acción Social).

Cabrera was an event speaker at the Dialogue.