Sebastián Acha

Paraguay  |  Executive Director, PRO Desarrollo Paraguay

+1-202-822-9002 ˙

Sebastián Acha is the executive director of PRO Desarrollo Paraguay, a former representative in the Congress of Paraguay, and founder of Tierra Nueva, a rural development non-profit. Acha is the President of AISTEL (Asociación de Ingenieros del Sector de las Telecomunicaciones). Acha served in the Chamber of Deputies from 2003-2013. At the time he was the youngest member, and remains one of the youngest in the history of Paraguay. As a legislator, he helped pass a “One Laptop per Child” project, incentives for electric vehicles, projects for youth employment, and investments in education and health. Acha was the leader of the Parliamentary Front for Education and Health. Acha has been a professor of political science, political and social thought, and political analysis at the Universidad de la Integración de las Américas (UNIDA) in Asunción.


Acha joined the Dialogue as a Member in 2012.