Sabrina Duque

Ecuador |  Journalist, The New York Times


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Sabrina Duque is a journalist, columnist, and translator, and works for The New York Times’ Spanish-language operation. Her stories have been translated into Portuguese, Italian, and English. In 2015, she was a finalist for the Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Award, for the Text category, with the profile Vasco Pimentel, el oidor. In 2018, she won the Michael Jacobs Travel Chronicle Fellowship. Her essay “Is there life after Maracaná?” appears in the book Eduardo Galeano, un ilegal en el paraíso. She has published the books Lama (Turbina, 2017), VolcáNica (Debate, 2019), and Necesito Saber hoy de tu vida (Anagrama, 2022).

Duque was and event speaker at the Dialogue.

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