Rebecca Ash-Cervantes

 |  Intern, Asia & Latin America Program


Rebecca Ash-Cervantes joined the Inter-American Dialogue in Spring 2022 as an intern for the Asia & Latin America program. She is a first-year master’s student studying International Affairs and Economics at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and Hopkins-Nanjing Center (HNC). Her interests lie in looking at the complex relations and power dynamics among developing economies with developed and emerging economies, as well as intra-regional relations, on both the macro and micro levels. To this end, her present research interests look at US-China-Latin American & Caribbean relations, as well as the effect that Chinese and US policies have on intra-LAC relations. English is her mother tongue, and she is professionally proficient in Spanish and Mandarin.

Ash-Cervantes’ other areas of research include language & linguistics, education, migration, and healthcare; she is a firm believer in mixed-method interdisciplinary and intersectional research, however timely the process may be. She has worked and volunteered in various NGOs and enjoys using her time to help and empower underprivileged communities.