Mauricio Weibel Barahona

Chile |  Investigative Journalist, Journalistic Investigation Center (CIPER)


Mauricio Weibel is an investigative journalist at the Journalistic Investigation Center (CIPER) in Chile. He completed his postgraduate studies from the Universidad de Chile in Literature, Education, Public Policy and American Studies. His articles are published in a number of international media outlets. In 2011, he promoted the creation of the Unión Sudamericana de Corresponsales and served as its first president. He is the author of the following books: Asociación Ilícita (2012), Traición a la Patria (2016), Los niños de la rebelión (2017), Ni order ni Patria (2018) and La caída de las AFP (2020). In 2015, Weibel received the LASA Media Award from the Latin American Studies Association for his contributions to scholarship on Latin America. In 2019 he published the UNESCO Manual de Periodismo de Investigación

Weibel was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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