Matt Piotrowski

United States  |  Independent Contractor,


Matt Piotrowski is an independent contractor. He is currently senior analyst at Climate Advisers, where his main focus is on financial risks from deforestation and US climate policy. At Climate Advisers, he is the editor of Chain Reaction Research, a publication dedicated to providing analysis for investors to mitigate risks from deforestation. Prior to his  role at Climate Advisers, Matt worked as an editor at Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE), Energy Intelligence, and Platts. He has an MA from Johns Hopkins University and a BA from Salisbury University. 

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Nearing the Tipping Point: Drivers of Deforestation in the Amazon Region

The largest tropical rainforest on the planet, the Amazon plays a critical role as a storehouse of carbon and mediator of the global water cycle and holds a greater share of the world’s known biodiversity than any other ecosystem. However, unchecked development is placing the Amazon under threat, pushing deforestation rates to near-record levels throughout the region.