Maria Sylvia de Oliveira

Brazil |  President, GELEDÉS Instituto da Mulher Negra


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Maria Sylvia de Oliveira is president of the GELEDÉS Instituto da Mulher Negra, a civil society organization that fights for the rights of women and Black Brazilians. She is an attorney and works in the area of human rights, gender, race, and ethnicity issues and in combating violence against women and domestic and family violence. She is a graduate of the Diversitas Program (FFLCH/USP) and a post-graduate in Business Law and Tax Law.

An activist in the Black and feminist movement since 1994, de Oliveira is also the current president of the OAB/SP Racial Equality Commission, and she was regional coordinator of the Popular Legal Promoters Course, an initiative that aims to train community female leaders in human rights and women’s rights.

De Oliveira was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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