Larissa Pumarol

Dominican Republic  |  Deputy Director, Plan Quizqueya Empieza Contigo


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Larissa Pumarol currently serves as the deputy director of Plan Quizqueya Empieza Contigo. She is a psychologist with a master’s in psychology and strategic senior management.

She has worked as a specialist in social projects linked to children’s rights and in governmental institutions such as the National Council for Children and Adolescents.

Pumarol has also acted as a consultant on various issues of children’s protection particularly in early childhood, gender and commercial sexual exploitation for international organizations (UNICEF, Plan Internaional and OEI).

In the last seven years, she has primarily focused on early childhood policy, coordinating the national plan on Integrated Early Childhood Care, Quisequeya Empieza Contigo and early childhood public policy in the Dominican Republic.

Pumarol was an event speaker at The Dialogue.