Giorgina Garibotto

Uruguay |  Director of the Management and Knowledge Generation Division, Uruguay Crece Contigo, Ministry of Social Development


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Giorgina Garibotto is the director of the management and knowledge generation division of Uruguay Crece Contigo in the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES), Uruguay. In this role, she coordinates the Technical Secretariat of the Nutrition, Child Development and Health Survey of Uruguay and the technical secretariat of the Regional Network to Measure Early Childhood Development (REMDI).

She has dedicated herself to research, evaluation, and management of issues related to public policy and health in early childhood, childhood, and adolescence in the academic and civil society spheres. She has worked for the Ministry of Social Development since 2005.

Garibotto has a master’s degree in Human Development (FLACSO, Argentina), is a sociologist, and is a specialist in sociodemographic analysis applied to management from Universidad de la República, Uruguay.

Garibotto was an event speaker at the Dialogue.


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