Francisco Miranda López

Mexico  |  Principal, Diagnostic Evaluation Unit, Commission for the Continuous Improvement of Education

Research professor, FLACSO Mexico


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Francisco Miranda Lopez is the principal at the Diagnostic Evaluation Unit of the Commission for the Continuous Improvement of Education. Miranda is also a research professor at FLACSO Mexico and the academic coordinator for the Education Policy and Management track, which was developed through an agreement with the Subsecretary of Basic Education within the Public Education Secretariat (SEP in Spanish).

He has been the deputy general director of research and advisory coordinator for the Under Secretary of Basic Education within the SEP and general coordinator of the Secondary Education Reform in Mexico. He was Mexico’s education representative for the European Union for the project Alfa-Tuning for Latin America, which focused on creating competency-based curriculum.

Through his career, Miranda has published multiple national and international publications about education policy, comparative education, teacher training, school management, and sociopolitical analysis of education.

Miranda has a doctorate in social sciences from the Colegio de México, a master’s in political sociology from the Instituto de Investigaciones Dr. José María Luis Mora, and a bachelor’s in sociology from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana.

Miranda was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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