Edna Cristina Bonilla Sebá

Colombia |  Secretary, Secretariat of Education, Bogota, Colombia


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Edna Cristina Bonilla Sebá is the secretary of education in the district of Bogota, Colombia. Previously she worked for the District Secretariat of Habitat in Bogotá. She was general manager of the Popular Housing Fund, national director of United Nations Extension, deputy director of the Research Center for Development at the National University of Colombia, and director of the specialization in Land Markets and Policies in Latin America. 

Bonilla has more than twenty-five years of experience in public administration and in research in national and international projects on education, formulation, instrumentalization, and evaluation of public policies, public finance and taxation, regulation, social policy, habitat and land management, urban government, knowledge management, and social security, among other topics. She has more than fifty publications ranging from books to articles. 

Bonilla has a Ph.D. in political studies. She is a specialist in tax management from the Universidad Externado de Colombia and has an accounting degree from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She is associate professor of the faculty of economics of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and visiting professor at Sciences Po in Poitiers – France. She has been a professor at the Universidad Javeriana and the Universidad Externado de Colombia, among others. 

Bonilla Sebá was an event speaker at the Dialogue.