Daniella Liendo

Venezuela  |  Founder, Primeros Auxilios Universidad Central de Venezuela (Green Cross)


Daniella Liendo is a cytotechnologist and current fourth year medical student at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). Since 2017, she has directed Primeros Auxilios UCV (Green Cross) a medical assistance group now operating in eight states in Venezuela. Green Cross is a group of medical students and doctors that volunteer during protests to help those injured, and in the 2017 protests the group treated more than 3,000 people. Liendo is also a social leader and is developing a public health and leadership training program for disadvantaged communities. She works as a health advisor for VoluntariosXVenezuela, is a Young Changemaker at Ashoka Latinoamérica, and is part of the Generation Change Fellows Program (USIP).

Liendo was an event speaker at The Dialogue. 

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