Cynthia J. Arnson

United States |  Distinguished Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center


Dr. Cynthia J. Arnson is a Distinguished Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center and former Director of the Latin American Program. She is a widely-recognized expert on Latin American politics, political economy, and international relations, including U.S. policy in the Western Hemisphere. Arnson is author of Crossroads: Congress, the President, and Central America, 1976-1993 (Penn State, 1993), and is editor of multiple books on Latin American peace processes, democratization, and populism. She serves on the advisory boards of Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica, the Social Science Research Council’s Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum, and the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUSADES). As a foreign policy aide in the House of Representatives during the Carter and Reagan administrations, she participated in the national debates over U.S. policy and human rights in Central and South America.

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