Charles Dalton

United States  |  Senior Health Specialist, International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group


Charles Dalton is an IFC senior health specialist with 30 years of operational and strategic management experience in public, private and health insurance settings. Dalton is responsible for providing global health industry and best practice advice to inform and shape the IFC health investment strategy and program. 

He works globally with IFC offices and clients in the initial screening of potential investment opportunities and thereafter completes comprehensive due diligence evaluation of health sector investments. Dalton has extensive emerging market knowledge from investment opportunities across the private health sector to “whole health system design” and implementation. Since joining IFC in 2013 he has completed over 70 due diligence projects and 40+ country system reviews. He brings a practical understanding of challenges facing health systems in emerging markets and the opportunities presented for relevant and sustainable public private collaboration. He also possesses strong process understanding of the operational and service practicalities required to make health systems and service delivery target attainable.

Prior to IFC, Dalton was with KPMG South Africa where he established their Health advisory practice and then EOH in South Africa providing health sector advisory services. Prior to that, he worked in three National Health Service Hospitals in the United Kingdom plus the UK Audit Commission Value for Money team reviewing health service performance.

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