Special Address by Chilean President Gabriel Boric

The Embassy of Chile, Institute for Policy Studies, and Inter-American Dialogue, along with our partner organizations listed below, are pleased to host a special address by Chilean President Gabriel Boric to mark the 50th anniversary of the military coup that toppled democratically elected President Salvador Allende in 1973. 

The program will take place outdoors at Sheridan Circle. This is the site of the 1976 assassination of former Chilean ambassador Orlando Letelier and his Institute for Policy Studies colleague Ronni Karpen Moffitt by agents of the Pinochet dictatorship. Letelier, an Allende cabinet member and former Chilean ambassador to the United States, had become one of the most outspoken critics of the Pinochet regime. Moffitt was a 25-year-old IPS development associate. The pursuit of justice for their murders has been a symbol of hope for victims of tyranny everywhere.



President, Republic of Chile (@GabrielBoric)



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