What Will It Take to Win the Battle Against Corruption?

˙ Latin America Advisor

Recent years have brought unprecedented levels of attention to corruption in Latin America and the Caribbean, with heads of state in countries large and small removed from office amid allegations of bribery, self-enrichment and mismanagement of public funds. However, advocates for increasing transparency and fighting corruption worry that superficial changes and isolated high-level prosecutions do not get to the deep and structural safeguards needed to tackle the problem in 2017 and beyond. Is the popular and political will to address graft and corruption waning? What concrete steps should be taken to increase transparency and advance integrity in societies across the region? What successful innovations are emerging that point to a brighter outlook for the battle against corruption?

See our Q&A today with Laura Gaviria Halaby, global head of Citi Fintech Acceleration; José Antonio Muñoz, founding partner at Muñoz Global in San José, Costa Rica; Nicolás Mariscal, chairman of Grupo Marhnos in Mexico City; Ben Raderstorf, program associate in the Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program at the Inter-American Dialogue; and Maria Velez de Berliner, president of Latin Intelligence Corporation.

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