What Do We Know about School Principals?

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The most recent PREAL Policy Brief summarizes the six assertions that José Weinstein and Gonzalo Muñoz proposed in the introduction of the book What do We Know about School Principals in Chile? (available in Spanish here). The book collects article contributions from 21 authors that synthesize the results of recently developed research on school principals in Chile.

Recently, the leadership of school principals has become a central topic in debates on education policy in Latin America. However, lack of data is a significant bottleneck in establishing concrete and effective policies. Although the information we have about principals in Chile is unbalanced both in quality and quantity, Chile leads the region in this type of research. The findings presented in this summary contain important lessons for all Latin American countries.

To read the policy brief, click on the following link: What do We Know about School Principals?: Lessons from the Case of Chile.

Federico Sucre is a Program Assistant for the Education Program at the Inter-American Dialogue. You can follow him on Twitter @fedesucre

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