Chinese News Coverage of Latin America


1. 巴西圣诞节前夕宣布提高最低工资
Brazil will raise the minimum wage on Christmas Eve
时间:2012年12月25日   来源:中国广播网

Brazil’s government announced a 9 percent increase in the minimum wage to take effect on January 1, 2013. The wage hike is offered as a Christmas gift for workers’ contributions to Brazil’s economic and social development. According to Brazilian law, adjustments to the minimum wage will take place every year for the next three years and will be made according to inflation levels and the economic growth rate in the previous year. Brazil’s inflation rate was estimated at 5.7 percent in December. The country’s economic growth rate in 2012 is less than 1 percent.

2. 阿根廷抗议英国命名“南极领地”宣称主权权利
Argentina Protests against UK Claims in the Antarctic
时间:2012年12月22日  来源:环球网

By means of a communiqué, the Argentine Foreign Ministry recently rejected all territorial claims made by the British government. This in response to a statement by the British Foreign Ministry on December 18 that part of the British Antarctic Territory would be named after Queen Elizabeth II. This behavior, according to the Argentine Foreign Ministry, is further indication of the UK’s imperialistic ambitions.

3. 委内瑞拉副总统:查韦斯明年1月10日可宣誓就职
Maduro: Chavez will attend inauguration January 10
时间:2012年12月20日   来源: 凤凰网

Venezuelan Vice President Maduro said in a speech on the 19th that President Hugo Chavez was recovering steadily following an operation. Maduro also stated that he believes the Venezuelan president would be able to attend his inauguration on January 10, 2013. Maduro also assured his audience that the Venezuelan constitution clearly outlines the procedures for a transition scenario.

4. 金正日著作在墨西哥出版
Work of Kim Jong Il published in Mexico
时间:2012年12月20日  来源:人民网

According to North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the late “dear leader” Kim Jong Il’s work, Giving Priority to Ideological Work is Essential for Accomplishing Socialism, was published by the Mexican Labor Party Press on December 13, 2012. 

5. 阿根廷封锁一山峰 担心因“末日”来临民众集体自杀
Argentina blocks access to a mountain amidst concerns about “doomsday”-related mass suicide
时间:2012年12月19日  来源:人民网

Officials in Cordoba, Argentina decided to close access to Mount Uritorco in order to avoid mass suicide on “doomsday.” This decision was made following reports of Facebook events calling for people to commit suicide at Mount Uritorco on December 21, 2012. The temporary closing of the mountain was opposed by the local tourism industry. Local restaurants and hotels planned to host 15,000 visitors during the holidays. 

6. 拉丁美洲成为世界上发生谋杀案件最多的地区
Latin America has the world’s highest murder rate
时间:2012年12月17日  来源:人民网

According to El Pais, Latin America has the highest murder rate in the world. Latin America’s population accounts for only 8 percent of the global population, but cases of murder in the region account for 42 percent of worldwide murder cases. The 3238 death toll this year in Afghanistan is not that much higher than the number of people killed monthly in 2011 in Brazil. The article suggested that Latin America should no longer “peacefully coexist” with its homicide problem. The region should take measures to reduce the number of murder cases in 2013.

7. 巴西纪念华人移民200周年
Brazil celebrates 200th anniversary of Chinese immigration
时间:2012年12月12日  来源:人民网

The Brazilian Senate held a reception in Brasilia on December 10 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Chinese immigration to the country. Senator José Sarney, Chinese ambassador to Brazil, Li Jinzhang, members of both houses of Congress, and overseas Chinese leaders in Brazil all attended the reception. In 1812, a yacht from Macao arrived in Rio de Janeiro. It carried 300 Chinese tea farmers. Over the past 200 years, ethnic Chinese in Brazil have made great contributions to the country’s economic and social development, Sarney stated. Chinese residing in Brazil will be critical to the further development of strong bilateral relations.

8. 危地马拉玛雅领导人澄清12月21日不是世界末日
Mayan leaders from Guatemala: December 21st is not ‘doomsday’
时间:2012年12月08日  来源: 人民网

Venezuela’s Globo television reported that three Guatemalan leaders of Mayan heritage visited Cuba and attended a local “holy torch” ceremony. While there, they insisted that an apocalypse would not take place on December 21st.

9. 哥斯达黎加 保税区重点招揽中资
Costa Rica: Special trade area seeks Chinese funding
时间: 2012年12月05日  来源:人民网

The Costa Rican government has been focusing on further development of its export-oriented industry. It has sought out Chinese support for plans to transform and upgrade its manufacturing industries. During President Chinchilla’s visit to China in August, both countries signed an agreement to establish the first Chinese Overseas Development Zone in Central America. Once established, Chinese enterprises will be able to export semi-finished products tariff-free to this special trade area. They can then sell directly to Costa Rica or transport their goods elsewhere in the region.

10. 中美洲印第安人制定减少气候变化后果的计划
Indigenous Central Americans are formulating plan to address consequences of climate change
时间:2012年12月04日  来源:人民网

Indigenous people in Central America will propose an agreement to reduce the negative effect of climate change. More than 80 indigenous delegates from Panama, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras and El Salvador attended a conference to address the climate issue. The German ambassador to El Salvador emphasized that indigenous people are critical to the conservation of Central American forests.

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