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Since 2007, the PREAL blog has provided readers across the globe with news and commentary on education practices in the Americas. Today, we are pleased to launch a new version of the blog with expanded content, an updated design, and increased space for discussion.

By adding to many of our readers’ favorite features, we hope to promote increased dialogue on education reform and best practices, ultimately improving the quality and equity of school systems throughout the region.

Features of the new blog include:

  • Guest Articles: Guest authors will provide opinions and commentary on a variety of education-related subjects. Check out the blog homepage today for our first guest post, “Human Capital and the Latin American Growth Puzzle,” by Eric Hanushek of Stanford University. Also keep an eye out for an upcoming post by Lant Pritchett of Harvard University.
  • PREAL Commentary: PREAL staff will continue to provide commentary on education news and best practices, drawing from the expertise of our partners throughout the region. José Luis Guzmán, coordinator of the Central American and Dominican Chapter of PREAL’s Working Group on the Teaching Profession (CCAD/GTD) kicks things off today with a post entitled “Targets and Paths to Improve the Teaching Profession.”
  • Central American News Summary: Use the tab at the top of the page to access PREAL’s weekly summary of education news in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. PREAL staff update the summary each Friday.
  • Media Coverage: This tab includes links to recent media coverage of PREAL events or citations of PREAL work.
  • Links to Publications: Use the “Publications” tab above to find summaries of and links to PREAL’s five most recent publications. For access to PREAL’s complete publications archives, visit our website, here.
  • Archives: Access previous blog content using the archives drop-down menu in the right sidebar. Please note that we are still in the process of transferring some posts from the old PREAL blog, but will make all content available as soon as possible.
  • User-friendly Bilingual Content: We’ve made it easier to access blog content in both English and Spanish. Use the “Español” tab above to view the complete blog in Spanish, or click “Lea en español” at the top of articles to read specific posts in Spanish.
  • Social Networking: Like our articles? Share them with your friends and colleagues via email and social network buttons in the right sidebar or at the bottom of every article.
  • Forum for Debate: As always, the PREAL blog is a space for the constructive exchange of ideas. We invite you to contribute your thoughts, opinions, and ideas on education in the Americas by submitting comments on any of our articles. View our new Comments Policy in the page footer.

We are grateful for the generous contributions of PREAL’s sponsors and readers like you, which make our efforts for education reform possible. We invite you to make a financial contribution today to help maintain the high quality programs and activities of PREAL and to invest in the future of education in the Americas.  

We look forward to engaging in meaningful education dialogue with you, and hope you enjoy the new PREAL blog.