Where Is the Drug Policy Debate Headed?

How will measures in Colorado and Washington affect the federal government’s relationship with Mexico in the ongoing fight against drug cartels?

Andrés Rozental, Peter Hakim, Ray Walser

What Will Obama’s Second Term Mean for Latin America?

Barack Obama was re-elected president of the United States on Tuesday. What is his vision for foreign policy and how does Latin America fit into his plans?

Andrés Rozental, Peter Hakim, Ruben Olmos, Riordan Roett, Rubens Barbosa

Has the United States Failed to Adequately Fight Illegal Drugs?

Is growing violence in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America a sign of failures in drug policy? Has the Obama administration made any significant change in anti-drug efforts? What policies should it be pursuing?

Andrés Rozental, Barry R. McCaffrey, Sanho Tree