Bad Habits Can Derail Negotiations in Cuba

Fidel Castro, or at least the message released in his name, tepidly endorsed the decision to normalize relations between the US and Cuba.

Peter Hakim

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Hitting Doubles in Havana

The Obama administration is beginning negotiations with Cuba. But getting to democracy and free market capitalism may take a while.

Michael Shifter

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China and Latin America in 2014

China’s relations with Latin America are becoming increasingly routine. China is a critical partner for much of the region.

Peter Hakim, Margaret Myers

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Cuba and the US

A normalization of relations will now push Cuba to view its problems as its own, and not as a result of failed US policy.

Murat Dagli

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How Interested Are Companies in Cuba?

What benefits and drawbacks will companies encounter in investing in Cuba?

Carlos Saladrigas, Matthew Aho, José R. Cárdenas, Scott J. Morgenstern

Cuban Relations with the European Union

This week in Havana, Cuba and the European Union will begin negotiations designed to put an end to 25 years of quarrels.

Carlos Alzugaray Treto

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Twin Failures

Last month’s CELAC meeting was a celebration of the single point of consensus among its members: their opposition to US policies.

Peter Hakim

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