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Editor’s Picks: Top Content from the Latin America Advisor 2018

by Erik Brand, Publisher

The Latin America Advisor's editorial team has produced more than 300 editions of the publication this year for subscribers at many of the world's most respected companies, as well as leading universities and government agencies on four continents.

I am delighted to share a dozen issues our team felt covered especially important developments during 2018, a remarkable year for Latin America and the Caribbean.


Will Investors Soon Sour on Mexico’s López Obrador? 

Nov 14  |  Latin America Advisor

How is the private sector reacting to Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s election, and what is Mexico’s outlook for key economic indicators in the year ahead?


How Will the U.S. Midterm Elections Affect Latin America? 

Nov 12  |  Latin America Advisor

Will the shift in power in the House of Representatives bring any changes to U.S. policy toward Latin America in areas such as foreign aid, immigration policy, trade and President Donald Trump’s promised border wall?


What Can Be Done About Migration From Venezuela? 

Nov 19  |  Latin America Advisor

With Venezuela’s “forced migrants” becoming a longer-term problem, how much money is needed to help countries cope with new arrivals, which according to the United Nations now number more than three million people?

What Do Bolsonaro’s Cabinet Picks Say About Brazil's Direction? 

Nov 27  |  Latin America Advisor

Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro recently announced his selections for some of his most important cabinet positions and floated the idea of merging the portfolios of several ministries. What do his cabinet picks say about the incoming administration’s priorities and any major policy changes in the works? Are his cabinet choices so far a good fit for that agenda?

Two Years In, Is Peace Taking Hold in Colombia?

Nov 16  |  Latin America Advisor

How well is peace taking hold in Colombia, two years after the signing of the peace accord? To what extent is the FARC simply being replaced by other criminal groups? Does President Iván Duque have the right approach to establishing control and the rule of law in all of Colombia’s territory? 


What Would a Global Trade War Mean for Latin America? 

June 8  |  Latin America Advisor

U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration on June 1 put into effect tariffs on steel and aluminum from Mexico, Canada and the European Union. Officials from the targeted countries swiftly announced retaliatory measures. What effects will the tariffs have on the economies of the United States and the other countries involved? What is the likelihood of the tariffs being reversed soon? To what extent are the new U.S. tariffs justified?


What Will Come of Canada Legalizing Recreational Pot? 

June 28  |  Latin America Advisor

What does legalization and regulation of marijuana mean for Canadians? Does it indicate an inevitable march toward legalization in the United States and other countries such as Mexico, which is also exploring changes to marijuana laws? What effects does Canada’s new legislation have on North American cooperation on anti-drug efforts?


How Much Is Fake News Influencing Latin American Elections? 

Nov 6  |  Latin America Advisor

To what extent did the spread of misinformation play a role in presidential elections throughout the region this year, including in Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica? What effects does false propaganda on social media have on Latin American democracies, and what should be done, if anything, to control it?


Is Hepatitis C the New Health Priority for the Americas? 

Oct 26  |  Latin America Advisor

How big of a problem is hepatitis C in Latin America and the Caribbean, and which countries have done most to contain it? What kinds of efforts should countries and the private sector make to fight hepatitis C?


Can External Actors Bring an End to Nicaragua's Crisis? 

Aug 7  |  Latin America Advisor

How much influence do external actors have on Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega? Can foreign countries do more to pressure the Ortega regime, and should they? How long will leftist allies, including Bolivian President Evo Morales and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, stand by Ortega if bloodshed continues?


Will Argentina's Troubled Economy Recover Next Year? 

Nov 30  |  Latin America Advisor

This year, Argentina’s economy unexpectedly experienced a currency rout and financial market distress that forced the government of President Mauricio Macri to seek a massive and unpopular $57 billion backstop from the International Monetary Fund, ushering in a period of fiscal austerity and sky-high interest rates. What happened? Will 2019 bring calmer waters for Argentina, or are new surprises around the bend? What is the outlook for Argentina’s key economic indicators in the year ahead, and what factors are driving them? 

We also published a Spanish version of this Q&A: ¿Se recuperará la economía argentina el próximo año?


What Did Díaz-Canel Accomplish on His U.S. Trip? 

Oct 12  |  Latin America Advisor

How has Cuban President Díaz-Canel fared in the first months of his administration? Are there any changes ahead for U.S.-Cuba relations?


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